As is evidenced by the pedigrees of many of our horses, Abiza has had a tremendous impact on our breeding program. Called by one French newspaper “the most influential mare ever in the Trakehner breed”, the name Abiza shows up in the pedigree of the majority of our horses, both stallions and mares. In some instances, she appears on both sides of the pedigree. Her contribution to the Trakehner breed and the Sport Horse world is measured not only by her reproductive capacity, but also by the performance results of her offspring, now into the 6th generation!

Foaled in Germany in 1963, Abiza was purchased from the Trakehner Verband breeding farm at Dirkhausen, in South Germany, in the summer of 1970. It was with great difficulty that the purchase of Abiza was realized. Dr. Fritz Schilke, director of the Trakehner Verband at that time, was extremely reluctant to part with this mare. The deciding factor in his decision to part with her was the fact that Abiza had had 3 fillies in Germany already. If she was as good as everyone believed, these three fillies would establish themselves as good broodmares in Germany, and Abiza’s genetic characteristics would be continued. Dr. Schilke realized the potential for the Trakehner breed in North America, and agreed to sell Abiza for 20,000 DM (Approx. $6,000). In foal to Donauwind, Abiza arrived in Canada in September of 1970, with the stallion Handel, who had been purchased from a private breeder.

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